Review and selection of proposals

Abstracts and proposals will be reviewed by a selection committee, which will identify those that will be presented at the conference. IDEAS and GEF/IEO strongly encourage female and young practitioners from developing countries and countries with economies in transition and from Central and Eastern Europe countries to submit abstracts.

The selection committee will be looking at contributions that provide interesting and promising examples of how transformative changes can be evaluated, that raise critical questions and issues that will define future practice, and especially those that bring together possibilities of product-oriented discussions. Applicants will be notified if their abstract is accepted by 1st of July 2019.

Selection criteria:

  1. Clarity (Writing, grammar, spelling, and internal coherence, ensuring easy understanding of issues and objectives of the proposal).
  2. Relevance (Adherence and consistency with the Conference theme, objectives, format as well as the target audience).
  3. Contribution (Direct contribution to the objectives and to the Conference theme, especially regarding the Conference’s main drive as a product-oriented event).
  4. Novelty and innovation (Introduction of new ideas and methods, new or emerging issues as well as contribution to the advancement of practices, thus representing a significant contribution to the field).
  5. Theoretical-empirical relevance (Theoretical-empirical approach of a clearly identifiable problem).
  6. Originality and unpublished work (Presentation must be original, never presented as such in a conference and should not have been previously published. Advancements of research previously communicated are considered original).