Call for proposals

You are cordially invited to send proposals following the guidelines here presented.

NEW Deadline for sending proposals: Sunday 9 June, 23:55 UCT

Accepted formats

The 2019 IDEAS Global Assembly and the Third International Conference stimulate creative presentation and discussion formats. Therefore, besides the traditional panels, round tables, presentations, posters, and the well-known world café and fish bowl, you may want to propose alternative ways to improve the clarity of your ideas and the usefulness of the presentation. You may want to be inspired by the range of presentation formats presented on this EventBrite webpage. Being familiar and experienced with alternative formats will enhance your possibilities of a successful presentation.

Furthermore, while IDEAS is actively engaging with partners to identify and prepare products for discussion and validation at the Global Assembly, we also welcome proposals for products that you identify. Given that we can only discuss a limited number of products, all suggestions will be accepted with thanks, and if we think a proposed product could be discussed, we will contact you. Suggestions for products to be discussed can be sent to the IDEAS coordinator and need to contain a clear identification of the product, its current status, which organisation or institution is working on it, what its purpose and audience are. If a draft version of the product is available, please send it in as an attachment.

If you propose a presentation, panel or other forms of interaction, please follow the submission procedure below. Proposals need to fit into one of the streams of work of the programme:

  1. Evaluation for Transformative Change (GA)
  2. Evaluating Environment and Development (Third International Conference on Evaluating Environment and Development)
  3. Transition Experiences and best practices in the use of evaluation for systemic changes (GA)
  4. Evaluation in Contexts of Fragility, Conflict and Violence (GA)
  5. Evaluation on Gender and Equity (GA)
  6. Professionalisation (GA)

Detailed information on each stream of work can be found at Conference Themes.  

Product-oriented proposals

The 2019 Global Assembly is product oriented, which means that it focuses on the challenges and solutions for evaluation as a profession to contribute to our understanding of transformative change. The 2019 GA aims to establish a platform for various transformative initiatives to come together and work on instituting best practices and the way forward.

The products the Global Assembly aims for are a mix of M&E systems experiences, best practices in evaluating transformative change, recognizing political aspirations and professional inspiration and inviting the North to learn from the South, and from transition experiences. They would tie into ongoing initiatives and provide them with a forum of international evaluators to support them in bringing forward their work, like the envisaged update of the DAC/OECD evaluation criteria, the South to South Exchange Initiative, the further development of competencies and credentialing leading to new capacity empowerment initiatives, ethical guidance that takes global and indigenous experiences into account, guidelines for evaluations in contexts of fragility, conflict and violence” and so on.

Members of IDEAS are invited to consider the Conference Themes and contribute with their knowledge and experience to the preparation of  products that could be discussed and validated at the 2019 GA.

Submission Procedures

The procedures below will enable reviewers to: select from a set of documents which are similar in format, leaving them free to concentrate on the appreciation of the content of the files; help the 2019 GA organizers to publish the selected abstracts for the participants choice; and facilitate the future virtual library of Conference products to publish abstracts adequately formatted, requiring minimum editing.

  1. All proposals should be emailed to the IDEAS Secretary-General, Cristina Magro, with a copy to the IDEAS Coordinator until Sunday 9 June, 23:55 UCT.
  2. Applicants will be notified if their abstract is accepted by 1st of July 2019.
  3. The language of all presentations is English.
  4. The abstracts must be written in Word or a compatible programme, paper size A4, Margins 2,54 cm on all sides, Font Calibri 11, as Word file, not PDF.
  5. The abstracts shall summarize in 300 to 500 words maximum, the major aspects of the entire presentation. Abstracts have a prescribed sequence that includes: 1) the overall purpose of the presentation, clearly specifying the issue that will be addressed; 2) the characteristics of the presentation, including the basic design of the study; 3) major findings or trends found as a result of your analysis, or major open questions and further problems that need to be addressed; and, 4) a brief summary of your interpretations and conclusions. Therefore, enough key information [e.g., summary results, observations, trends, etc.] must be included to make the abstract useful to the reviewers who will examine your work and, later, to the public that will attend the conference.
  6. Before sending the file, all abstracts must go through a grammar and orthography corrector.

Please download and use the abstracts proposal template to send in your proposal. Please name the file using the following code: CONFERENCE THEME NUMBER YOURNAME. For instance, if the IDEAS Secretary General submits a proposal for theme 5, her file is to be named: 5 CristinaMagro. Only proposals submitted through this template will be taken into consideration. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.