Dear IDEAS Members, As we approach the 2019 Conference Evaluation for Transformative Change: Bringing Experiences of the Global South to the Global North, we want to express our deepest appreciation to all
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A lovely reception last night to honour Hans Lundgren’s 32 yrs of service to #BetterPolicies #BetterLives @OECDdev @OECD! He has been a trusted adviser to many governments and the brain behind many of the core #evaluation norms & standards that shaped our field. Thank you Hans!


We, the #evaluation world will miss you Hans Lundgren! Thank you very much for all your excellent contributions to Evaluation and we hope it continues even after this phase of your professional career. Thank you @BdeLaat and @OECD_EVALNET for the legendary farewell!

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1 month ago

Fabiola Amariles

IDEAS Conference 2019: A truly level playing field – THANK YOU!

"Playing on a level playing field" is a commercial concept that refers to justice and equity; it means granting equal opportunities to all teams to play in the same conditions, without disadvantage to anyone.

This is what we felt at the IDEAS conference in Prague 2019. A level playing field where most of the development voices had the opportunity to express themselves.

IDEAS showed its truly global nature. We felt the presence of countries that are often unknown, including a wide variety of small and large countries, everyone having a voice.

Exchanging experiences with colleagues from different backgrounds and countries; renewing our knowledge about the different evaluative approaches; joining efforts to contribute to the global development goals, in the charming environment of cultural and architectural richness of Prague, made us feel united citizens of the world contributing with all our strength to equitable development and social justice.

Thank you, Rob, Cristina, Jerome, Daniel, Hur, Pablo and all the IDEAS colleagues who made possible this wonderful experience!

#2019IDEASGA #globalevaluation #developmentevaluation #SDGs #evaluation #IDEAS #Prague
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