All registrations are closed now. IDEAS and GEF-IEO/Earth-Eval thank you for your interest in joining us in Prague at the Conference Evaluation for Transformative Change: Bringing experiences of the Global South to the Global North.
Some sessions of the Conference will be transmitted live through IDEAS Facebook page at Follow the programme using the Agenda published on this website to connect with us.
The next IDEAS Global Assembly will happen in two years, as usual. GEF-IEO/Earth-Eval will announce their next meeting widely.
We hope you can join us then!

Pre-conference special workshops

Participants may attend a workshop on one or both days and will choose one workshop for each day from the range offered.

  • Day 1 Monday 30 September 2019
  • Day 2 Tuesday 1 October 2019

Registration fees

Registration fees will cover venue, coffee & tea breaks, and lunch on both days.

Registration fee for Youth & LDC members
Registration fee for 1 workshop for members
Registration fee for 1 workshop for non-members
Registration fee for 2 workshops for members
Registration fee for 2 workshops for non-members

Please complete your registration before you miss the opportunity to attend the workshops offered.

Observance of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

We keep all data private between the administration of the IDEAS 2019 GA and of the Third International Conference on Evaluating Environment and Development and the registrant, using them for the reception desk when participants come to the venue. Some of the data will be kept by IDEAS and GEF IEO for future events to enable historical comparison and to ensure reporting on the Global Assembly and Third International Conference to funders, members and the public, with anonymised data. Furthermore, some data from participants funded by donors will be shared with their donors, which will be a condition for funding eligibility.