The Programme

IDEAS 2019 Global Assembly and Conference happens from 30 September to 4 October 2019.

On 30 September and 1st October, special workshops are organized by guest lecturers – many of them by IDEAS’ members highly renowned in the global evaluation community on topics of interest to a wide range of attendants. 10 workshops are offered, catering for a range of interests and skills levels. The workshops run from 09:00 to 16:30, with a lunch break from 12:30 to 13:30.

The 2019 Global Assembly will take place over two-and-a-half to three days, from Wednesday 2 to Friday 4 October, and include keynote addresses by: Adeline Sibanda, President ad Interim of African Evaluation Association (AfrEA) and Chair of the International Organization for Cooperation in Evaluation (IOCE); Melissa Leach, Director of the Institute of Development Studies in the UK; Oscar Garcia, Director of the Independent Office of Evaluation of IFAD; and as a joint keynote speaker with the Third International Conference on Evaluating Environment and Development, Michael Quinn Patton, Director of Utilization-Focused Evaluation.

Furthermore, several high-level Special Sessions will be organised that are semi-plenary in nature (no more than 3 of these in a given time-slot), and five to six parallel sessions of presentations, panels, conversations and other innovative forms of interaction, to which you are invited to send proposals. Sessions will take 90 minutes.

Programme updates will be released periodically, every time a new activity is confirmed. A detailed programme is expected to be issued by mid-August. In case you are a reader of the IDEAS monthly Newsletter, you may find there news and updates about the conference.

Committed to the reduction of paper waste and to the protection of our environment, the 2019 Global Assembly and Conference programme will be offered electronically, using the SuperEvent platform. You will be soon invited to access the platform and receive updates notifications.